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Telecom: Essential Telephone System Features for Modern Businesses

A telephone system is considered to be a vital requirement in today's business world. Whether you are associated with a large corporation or running your own personal company; these systems are viewed to be a basic need and a major tool of trade. When choosing a phone system for your business, you will want one that meets the demands and needs of today's high-tech and fast-paced business environment. Here are several essential Cisco IP PBX System features that every modern business needs.

Unified Messaging

For quite some time, organizations have had to manage their telephones, voicemail, data and email networks as separate entities. With this feature, companies can now access their collection of text messages, fax, email, and voicemail in a single interface. Unified messaging (UM) allows you to have one mailbox synchronization, meaning you will have all the necessary messages in a single spot and thus, you do not have to check multiple devices each time. Additionally, the flexibility provided by UM means you can quickly and easily view, sort, and manage all your messages from anywhere.

Call Recording and Reporting

It is a crucial feature that lets businesses keep a record of all the inbound and outbound calls. The ability to record calls can offer several benefits to organizations. A significant number of companies are required to record verbal communications in order to fulfill compliance obligations with regulatory groups.  Also, recorded calls can act as useful evidence in case you are required to prove compliance with the rules and regulations for proper data handling.  Contact Avaya Distributor here!


A call reporting mechanism can provide concrete metrics for the business that could influence key operational decisions. Users can access comprehensive communication information or even download different reports. These two features combined can help modern businesses deliver improved customer services.


CRM Integration

A telephone system that allows integration with the Customer Relationship Management app will allow you to manage your relationship with prospective clients as well as the existing clientele. This feature allows users to control how they place their outgoing calls and improve the phone experience when people call into their businesses. It can include excellent features such as click-to-call, enterprise phone presence and more, providing invaluable efficiencies.


Other important features include administrator portal, virtual receptionist, video calling, and mobility features. Modern business systems offer many exciting features to enable organizations to enhance productivity and collaboration. Also, a good system should be flexible enough to allow for future expansion, be easy to configure and use, and require minimal up-time.